From the classic hydraulic systems to the very modern gearless: 30 years of innovation in the heart of Brianza.

Everything started in 1969 in Mezzago, in the heart of Brianza, with a small company that makes doors, cabins and lift components.

However, this is an artisan reality that, as such, is able to satisfy the needs of a mostly local market. To grow and expand in other markets, modernization of plants and processes is essential.

The turning point: The renewal of the company.

The turning point came in 1987, when Cesare Centoducati decided to completely renovate work environments and, above all, to mechanize production by introducing numerical control machines, to transform the small artisan business into a real industry. It is a beautiful challenge, which is enthusiastically collected by the sons of Cesare, Donatella and Stefano, who joined the company in 1990 and 1991: this is how Costruzioni Meccaniche Mezzago was born, which from the beginning is characterized by a strong push to invest in technological innovation to reduce costs and at the same time improve the quality of materials and the energy efficiency of the plants, paying the utmost attention to customer requests.

An innovation that takes the form of the constant introduction of new components such as different types of doors (automatic with one or more doors or with VVVF, watertight, circular, fireproof) and above all in the development of increasingly modern and diversified systems based on their destination.

From hydraulic systems to ropeways with MRL technology.

In 1996, CMM presents both hydraulic and complete cable systems and, from that moment on, it continues to develop them and offer them both by gradually accepting the new stimuli coming from the market.

Thus in 2000 the first ropeways with modern MRL technology were presented, while in 2004 the Dreamlift hydraulic system was born for existing buildings, with reduced headroom and pit.

The introduction of the gearless: reduced space and energy savings.

Ropeways are then further refined with the introduction on a large scale, in 2006, of the gearless machine, the advantage of which is to occupy an even smaller space and significantly reduce energy consumption.

The latest evolution of this technology is represented today by the MRL LIFT ME line with gearless machine, with capacity up to 4000 kg, perfect for any use: commercial, public, residential or industrial. Without forgetting, in the residential sector, the new trend of the home lift, which in recent years has increasingly established itself to meet the needs of the restructuring market.

Continuous growth and exports to the rest of the world.

And so, after 30 years, the vision of Cesare, Donatella and Stefano is still winning: openness to market demands and the drive for innovation have been the driving force of constant growth, which has led CMM to expand beyond national borders .
Today, exports cover 60% of production and CMM plants and components are present in over 30 countries in Europe and the world.